H-9024 Győr, Kálvária str. 22/D.    +36 96/510-800    info@carmenetterem.hu
Carmen Restaurant Győr - Elegant restaurant with an exclusive atmosphere near the city center of Győr. Special and traditional dishes, excellent offers for events.
Elegant restaurant with an exclusive atmosphere near the city center of Győr.
Special and traditional dishes, excellent offers for events.
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The event rooms and the multifunctional event tent of the Carmen Restaurant and the Hotel Kálvária**** serve as an ideal location for the high-standard organization of your business events and family gatherings. Venues of different sizes and arrangement and modern technical equipment are available to meet your expectations, be it a meeting of a few persons or a wedding of 150 persons. In the course of the organization of the events it is our main aim to earn your honourable appreciation with personalized dishes and drinks fitting to the occasion, attentive and polite service, high-standard arrangement and an exclusive environment.
In order to make our events, conferences complete, on request, we offer additional programmes, gala diners, standing or seated receptions, shows.
Carmen Restaurant
Owing to its facilities, central location and easy accessibility the Carmen Restaurant is excellently suitable for the organization of receptions, banquets, family gatherings (christening, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations) and other standing or seated events, up to 50 persons.
Apollonia Room
This room is an excellent location for special family occasions, closed meetings, business lunches and dinners. The room seats 20 persons in school desk or "U"-shape arrangement, and 30 persons in restaurant arrangement.
Camillus Room
This room is recommended for the organization of bigger gatherings, smaller conferences, trainings, banquets, receptions, and family occasions. The room seats 80 persons in line of chairs arrangement, 40 persons in school desk arrangement, and 35 persons in restaurant arrangement.
Event tent
The multifunctional event tent with all modern conveniences erected on the inner courtyard of the Hotel Kálvária**** is an excellent outdoor venue for the organization of bigger events from April to October. The event tent that is situated directly next to the restaurant, practically built together with the hotel's building, and protected against adverse weather (rain, wind, extreme temperature) is suitable for the organization of company and family events up to 150 persons.
Event technology
The technical background of the company or private events is ensured by our modern technical equipment based on the type of your event and your demands. The following equipment are available: projector, document camera, overhead projector, flip-chart, magnetic board, pin-wand, video, TV, DVD/CD player and acoustics.
Party service
Within the frames of the Carmen Restaurant's party service we offer individual ideas and full-scale organization, ensuring perfect catering service and the fulfilment of any additional event organizational tasks on your event, saving you thereby time and energy. We perform for you all catering service tasks connected with the company or private events organized at external locations, so that you do not need to concern yourself with the preparation of the meals, arrangement, decoration, washing-up or the acquisition of cold and hot drinks. With our complete equipment we offer a full-scale service in case of both small and big events, even up to 300 persons.
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Elegant restaurant with an exclusive atmosphere in Győr, with excellent offers for events.